Look me in the Eyes!

Oh my gawd, so many cute things to show you guys and i dont even know where to start D:

Ok first of get your sexy butts to Sorry Asia where they just released the amazing Acide eyes :Q_ and the Last War face paint.

TP to -Sorry.Asia-

Also check out TFG for some great discounts :D

Hope you like the look


Sorry Asia Acide Eyes→

Last War (Face Paint)↓

5 to choose from(4 shown :P)

Shopping list(first Pic):

Hair: AD – dive

Skin: [Al Vulo! Skin ] – [ Bitu] – [ paradise bird bronze ] TFG

Horns: Illusions *~*Grumble Horns

Piercing: [GLUE INK] ~*Face Piercing~* 1 Free Gift ,  Cobrahive – Nose Swirl 00

Bracelets: .:Hermony:. – Wristlocker

Outfit(cant see it much but its there lol) : -paper.doll- TFG: SummerRomper

Shoes: [ P E R A ] Jean Hoof Leggings (Black)

Guitar and Pose: TeaSoup – My Acoustict [ Female Set ] (Closed :( )

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