Pull my Strings Baby

Don’t you feel like sometimes people try to pull the strings that direct your life? Sucks! Always do whats right for you making your own path. But any who as my title is a metaphor for manipulation that is not the case here(or is it) xD. I’m just a dolly though :D

Check Out the Details for my Outfit and Skin by Clicking more :D

Outfit: Fierce**Puppet Doll costume – black
This is very adorable and better yet it include doll make up..doll hair and shoes + animated strings(pose).
I’m not a fan of makeups and you can tell in picture xD but it does include one for ya ^^ TP Here

Skin: .:Twilythula:. Bloom.
Very cute face and love the freckles. Also cleavage options available to you in. 9 makeups to choose from or take all *-* The tones are Vanilla, Cream, Caramel, Mocha, and Coco. Check them out Here

Lashes: Damned Blossom Eyelashes

Jewelry:  Izzie’s – Heart Jewelry Set (Perfect Wardrobe)

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