Shot Down

Wow logged in & flood of notices with amazinggg goodies for you! yay, i havent had as much time as i usually do to post so i have some now and will try to show as much as i can lol. I’ve been pretty sick lately and still had to work rl xD. This “virus” hit everyone around here and i was normal for like a week or 2 and now yet again I’m sick. I literally have no voice but thank goodness i just write here or I’d be pissed ^^. At least my ear pain is gone…was making me feel brain dead or something D: Eww anywho enough of that. Click more for the list and hopefully i feel well enough to get some more post out. hugz all <3


Hair: (r)M ~ Hair No.22 ( b l a c k s /w L o c k s ) =NEW=
Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::.LENE(LB)Main shopl(limited) =Lucky Board=
Googles: K_gs Rewey_Goggles/Box
Piercing: Blah. (Hedgehog – Piercings/Plugs)
Necklace: *BLITZED* Legacy choker – black
Jacket: – CHANDELLE – Jacket Military [MESH] Exclusive Miss & Miss
Top: TonkTastic – Tanktop (Desert Camo)
Weapon: [Black Ops] Mossberg Persuader
Belt: TheAbyss FM_NAU_Combat_Belt
Bottom: AMERIE M – Mesh Skinny pants_Denim Dark
Shoes: -Entente- L’Equipe Kicks

Hair Wear w/wo Pearl Necklace. HuD control. Resize Script included.

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