You’re Pretending ♫…You’re Something You’re not!

Felt it was time to get my mojo back and start putting some words out there. Been feeling a bit anti social and today i was actually feeling the need to express myself. Have had some wonderful things happen in my rl. Broken shit is fixed lol and I’m having a blast. On the other hand seems my sl has turned to a series of disappointments which i wont specify. One thing I have learned is practically not to be shocked anymore by the level of no respect from some in this virtual world. Scratch that- In both worlds. Gladly in rl I havent had as much shockers and disenchantment’s as here in sl. Wow I’m just totally blabbering rofl.

Thanks guys once again for the continued support. I totally love coming here and putting some outfits on just for ya’ll. It makes all the other stuff seem to go away. Now on a brighter note…Goodiesssss from kawaii fair. Dont’t wanna miss it. read on =) hugzzz
p.s. you guys can like if you feel me on this topic or comment. everyone is so quiet!! hahah ♥

lmao no comment today on this song :P
Song explains all buahahah Always love that i can go and taking anything that is happening and find a song that fits it just right and somehow lifts you up from the whole your were in hehe
BTW I’m over it!

Damn I’m just in love with this colors and my whole outfit =) Just to overview cute cStar skin that you can find at the kawaii fair. I put it on…didnt seem to agree with my shape for some odd reason. Still i left it on. Once i got some hair on it i totally changed my mind! Lov it. Lips are this shade of pink that is a bit edgy and shimmery. Kissable ñam I definitely love to add liners though for some odd reason i find myself crediting them less lately :S. Anywho this blue one from Mons is gorgeous and i had to put it. :P

Hair:!lamb. Blush (Mesh)
Skin: cStar Limited – Sayuri Skin – =Kawaii Fair 2012=
Liner: MONS / Makeups – eyeliner long (blue)
Teeth:[ PXL ] OpenMouth addon
Freckles: al vulo!- Leilani light freckless
Necklace: [glow] Set Bulletproof Owl TDR
Tat: Tattoo Dead Elvis F_GoK
Top: – CHANDELLE – Top Pam. white =Kawaii Fair 2012=
Bottom: – CHANDELLE – Short Karen. sea =Kawaii Fair 2012=
Clutch: HouseofFox ::OnyxClutch Mesh[Ice] TDR Blue
Nails: [MANDALA]SINRA nails
Ring1: [EY:NO] Crucifix Ring
Ring2: Izzie’s – Wooden Bead Ring magenta
Watch: ISON – vipera watch
Bracelet: *League* Pearls & Lace Bracelet
Socks: illmatic :: Knee High Cross Socks – Black  =Perfect Wardrobe=
Shoes: [Gos] GTFO Boots in Black

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