Geek in the Pink [NEW@ AL VULO & TWINS FASHION]

/me Squeels like a little girl in candy store.

Hlin keeps blowing my mind. As soon as i think i have a favorite she comes and tops it. This face is just perfect. I love it. Ty sooo much. Fantastic Job!

-A lil info Skin: 

*Tattoo Layers: Black Brow, Blonde Brow, Freckles, and Teeth(teeth not shown)

*6 Make up with Cleavage,Hair Base Options

* Shape Available (not shown)


*5 colors available

*Jacket, Shirt, Pant, Underpants layers available

* Very hot! :D

Full Credits below

Ni Ni, I’m off to bed Zzz =)


Hair: [BURLEY]_Zia_II_ =NEW=
Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Debbie ] – [ Cream ] =NEW=
Freckles: al vulo!– Debbie light freckless
Teeth: [PXL]
Brow: al vulo!– Debbie blonde brow for cream tone
Necklace: *League* Fly Me Away Amore -Pink- Necklace
Dress: *TwInS FaShIoN – TF* Floral Dress =NEW=
Bangle: Izzie’s Angular Bangles Tri-Color pink
Nails: Mstyle Long Nails v2 – Holy Pink
Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps – Isabelline

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