Forget Those Who Forget You [ cStar and HANDverk @ Culture Shock ]

TP to Culture Shock

As you may have guessed its probably full lol. Just keep trying. I logged in early today and was like “waaaaaah…full?” but yea its saturday lol. No matter after 15 failed attempts i was able to get it. And then what happened?… i had to go rl :p
Hours later I was able to come back and was still there as i logged in. Now here’s the best part. All viewer i logged in with continued to crash me. I was never able to rezz all the way and anytime i moved i immediately crashed so i gave up. Thankfully the wonderful creators of cStar and HANDverk were kind enough to let me review their items without having to go yay! ♥
So as you look at the pics up top make good notice to the fantastic mesh jewels from HANDverk (non rigged btw that i love cuz i can move it around and resize :D)
Also cStar’s skin made me choose the location for the pic. It has this wonderful makeup with vibrant colors and the lips are to die for. This place had so many colored flowers and particles and butterflies :Q_ that i thought it was perfect. So read on to get full outfit credits and have a great weekend! mwah <3


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh Mesh Hair
Skin: cStar Limited -Osumare Skin =Culture Shock= 
Earrings+Necklace: [HANDverk] Bauhaus Face Jewelry Set =Culture Shock=  ♥
Jacket: fri. – Military Jacket (Black Denim)
Top: FnH Slim Tube White “Fun Size” =NEW=
Bottom: IMBUE. Highwaist Denim – Very Black
Shoes: TheAbyss> FM_NAU_Combat_Boots

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