Don’t You Dare Look Back

Good evening lovelies <3
Sooo…lately I’ve been noticing quite alot of the same stuff going around. I basically have been getting pretty annoyed with it. Yesterday i decided to buy a petite avatar from Mynerva at this mall, i believe, that is tons of stuff all petite. Really nice ( not sure if theres better, first time at this lol)
But as you can see i’m not using it…why? Well as i searched for clothes for the petite i stumbled upon this store on the marketplace i remember seeing before but totally wrote off. What attracted me was the designs. They are not so common. So i had to do this post with this really cute outfit that’s so different i can finally breathe. Well i wont be mentioning who or what exactly but these past 2 weeks I’ve see quite a bit of the same. Seems there’s a store in the marketplace where many are obtaining mesh templates or however you call them lol. They are jaw-droppingly cheap for full perm and with texture and blah…! I think my amazement with designers and the clothes is always thinking ” holy crap how did they do that??!” Well now seeing these templates and some well known stores all repeating it well is kind of a… turn off. Nonetheless i did purchase one top that even though its everywhere by everyone it still had its own personalize texture and i loved it lool. What I’m getting to is i think alot are losing their creativity and i wish that wouldn’t happen T_T. I love to be in awe for clothing. Any who i’m rambling now but i felt like i had to get it off my chest.
Hugz <3

now the credits

Hair: [LeLutka]-DAISY hair =NEW=
Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Polly 2 ] – [ chocolate ]
Earrings ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Elegance Earring =Stuff in Stock=
Outfit: *LpD* – *Wishper* Top and Pants Beige (Two Pants – MESH) =NEW RELEASE=

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