Wouldn’t u Stand4love?

I have to say that, as many of u might know, my mother tongue is not english so I’m just gonna try to say something about this appealing to your hearts instead of your eyes :P

I saw this campaign on Flickr a week ago going trough my contacts.. As I usually do, I asked what this was and got a message from a kind SL resident answering to my request.

This is where I got the idea for today’s post.. The Stand4Love website and their message was simple: It’s about LOVE.. but it’s also about FREEDOM to LOVE! So Big Thanks to all of the supporters of this cause because as a friend just told if there were more ppl trying to let everyone know about tolerance.. He would’ve won 90% of acceptance just by that, and wouldn’t we all be in the same position as him if this could be real?

Full Picture & Details??


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Dominique Mesh Hair – Rye

Skin: [Ill] Illusory Skin – Love_Milk – Smoked

Lipstick: [Ill] Illusory – Love Lips – Passion Pink (Teeth)

Shirt: LMD – Nell MESH Shirt M Rose (New!)

Skirt: .::CENSORED::. Mini Skirt M-rose (part of a dress (New!)

Handbag: .evolve. hodgepodge.satchel (<3 ToSL) (0L at TOSL 2nd anniv. hunt)

Head Bow: Magika // Kawaii Bow

Boots: [Gos] MESH Desire Ankle Boots in Baby Pink

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