Close the door on your way out

Me: Ow.. was this your jacket honey? so sorry but it looks better on me..

Him: Wait! and my pants.. ??

Me: I’m sure you’ll find them.. just remember closing the door on your way out! ;) *giggles & blows a kiss*

[Admit u girlz would love to be in my position tonight! :P]


On Me:

On Him:

On Me:

Hair: “LoQ Hair” Cobbler For Gold Members (Group Gift fee needed)

Skin: [Ill] Illusory Skin – Love_Milk – Smoked (LB_Teeth)

T-shirt: [SPLASH] Princess T-shirt (New!)

Blazer: [whatever] Blazer – aya – S (New!)

Skirt: [whatever] miniskirt – leather – M (New!)

Necklace: ::LEO-NT:: Humingbird Necklace [silver] * (New!)

Nails & Rings: :OW: “LUCiDO” Mesh Nails + Rings

Heels: [whatever] high heel – blush (Group Gift fee needed)

On Him:

Hair: *SH* Nagi Hair(UpStyle)(black)

Skin: Egoisme – JUSTIN  Pale/Hair (Body Hair) (New!)

Boxers: [whatever] blake’s boxers – dollars – (For Fi*FRiDAY)

Tattoo: Sweet Sin – One bitch was here 2

Shades: BALACLAVA!! Roux Reader (black – wide) (at Mens Dept)

Slippers: !:P:! * LeoPaw Slippers (at marketplace)

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