Soledad de a dos..

I’m still under exams pressure.. but I needed to breath so I’m here just to say “Hello” and show you a bit of what you were missing!



On Me:

Skin: [Ill] Illusory Skin – Love_Milk – Smoked (LB_Teeth)

Lipstick: [Ill] Illusory – Love Lips – Tangerine (Teeth)

Hair: .::CENSORED::. Clara Hair Blonde 1

Dress:  [whatever] Tunica [white]

Leggings: AOHARU_BT_Leggings_Black 1

Popsicle: ::LEO-NT::  YUMMY POPSICLE [avocado]

Tattoo: ::LEO-NT:: XOXO Tattoo [front]

Bracelets: [whatever] mesh chainbracelet

Rings: ::LEO-NT:: NACHO Ring<3

Flats: [Po-Oh] 4 BeLoTe – *Anirinas* Emotional

On Him:

Skin: Egoisme – JUSTIN  [Pale]

Hair: Salon de GLOW  – CM-01 [Blacks]

Jacket: Egoisme – White Biker

Jeans: <kal rau> Skinny Pants [Clear]

Glasses: Egoisme – Man in Black Sunglasses

Tattoo: [Sleepy Bozer]  Shibby Tattoo (at MensDept)


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