Nerds do it best!

Nerds do it best

Hallo lovelies, here with some Perfect Wardrobe goodness. I love this round tremendously, all the items are fun and I had tons of it taking these pics.  The Theme is Revenge of the Nerds.  This sofa is from Izzie’s@ PW and eventhough I use the female poses it does also have male poses(cuddle) :D, ah also its MESH woot!

I hope you also like my tee, its in honor of shark week which started last night….I was all over it :Q_ I adore sharks and never miss shark week so I was extremely excited when I saw this tee for free! Yup that’s right, a mesh I ♥ Shark tee available for free yay\o/. Check out outfit details for more info

Hugs <333

Hair: ::Exile::Sea of Love:

Skin: *League* Skin Sia

Glasses: Shadz N<3rd (is having a 50% off sale right now)

Brace tattoo: [PXL] Teeth Bracers (old gift, not sure they still have it =|)

Top: *BOOM* I <3 Shark 2012  =Free= not sure for how long

Bracelet: {me.} I love NERD Bracelet ~ SILVER ~   =Perfect Wardrobe=

Bottom: eleanor rigby. plain jane cutoffs {acid

Backpack: *Epic* Kawaii Poindexter Backpack!   =Perfect Wardrobe=  (FYI: The letters in photo are being emitted by the backpack)

Sofa: Izzie’s – Nerd Love Sofa  =Perfect Wardrobe=

Laptop+Coffee: :::LP::: Herro Kitty Notebook   =Perfect Wardrobe=

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