Passing by

Passing by

aaaah! I’m so freaking happy, I’m over at my sissy Indy’s house in rl! Still found a quick moment to get some blogging done lol. So I went to amusement park today and it was raining half the time, still I think I did pretty good on getting around and riding most things and getting my son to the kiddie area at least. Although they began kicking us out of the place just as the day was getting clear. Now I plan to chug as many drinks at possible with her so yea! \o/
So anyways I wanted to blog this outfit since yesterday but I couldnt get my hands on the Buurley hair till I got the notice through the group on Bella putting the hair on the marketplace yay(temporarily since sim was experiencing problems after a huge crash when the hair came out and I happened to crash along with it grrr) I just checked and as of now its still currently up on the marketplace HERE

On to the details

Hair: [BURLEY]_Sirah_Blondes =NEW=
Skin: Pink Fuel kumi
Top: (CM) Halloween Tees MESH = Dead Cool Halloween event!=(Sept. 30th – October 31st)
Bottom: [whatever] studded shorts =NEW=
Tights: Q – goth tights
Shoes: [whatever] stripperboots =The Swag Fest=
Bag: Emery

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