Hey There Lonely Girl…Where’s Your Date?

Night Out

favs of Cinema

Ok so I’ve been doing post lately on this event called Cinema. I hadnt really gone yet  so I decided to go last night. Since I wasn’t doing much on sl last night I tried to tp in to the sim. It took me about 6 failed attempt and full messages to get in. I was pleasantly pleased with the rezzing process so felt lag but not extreme. As I turned around to see the venues entrance I was blown away, its enormous front was fabulous and almost gave a feel of what it would be like to attend a high end premier. Now I must warn you about the ever annoying script detectors in front of ever door . I’m a fan of these script reducers but a whole sim one would have been better, which would eject if you surpass limit at any place. I say this because after bout 10 min there I noticed people double clicking to tp to the other side of the entrances because their scripts were too high and they just couldn’t get them down for some reason :x but hey it was still a fantastic place. I walked around everything in a circular motion( i felt the build was like that on inside) and that way i don’t end up going crazy and repeating areas(me= bad memory so don’t like huge venues much) I took photos of the “booths” per say. These up top where my favorite set ups. From the  textures to the creativity hands down beauty’s.  So yea definitely check this out…worth the time even if you don’t find something to buy that you like



Hair,skin.& Lip credits can be found on previous post

Dress:  [Cynful] Vale’s Sweatshirt Dress – Eggplant (has option of prim skirt part or mesh skirt part :D)

Applier for Lolas!: [Cynful] Vale’s Sweatshirt Dress – Eggplant – Applier

Shoes: _CandyDoll_ Dolce Heels (found@ mainstore although I believe I saw them also in Cinema event)

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