Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year

Hey all, just decided  to come on and wish you all a wonderful and safe New Years Eve. Hope this new year will bring you all those things your hearts may desire.   I’m not great with words but I did see this message somewhere and thought it was appropriate.

“Welcome to the New Year! It is time for change, renewal, and celebration. The great thing about today is that yesterday is gone. You can’t go back and undo things you have done, but you can embrace today and look toward the future with hope.

Build on yesterday’s success and learn from yesterday’s failures. Live in today.”



I look over the past year and so many things have changed. It’s shocking the ones that end up leaving your life and great to see those amazing people who crawled their way in. I love you guys more than you know, thanks for always being there for me when I need and even when I don’t. They know who they are(boobies!) lol. You guys are a blessing and keep me sane :P

Anywho many crazy things happened both in SL and RL. My Rl has been getting back to normal and I am so thankful for it. I look forward to this upcoming 2013 with a desire to do some things differently and get more done with my husband and son.

I cherish you all, our awesome readers that continue to give me the motivation to continue blogging. Although I plan to be on less in SL, I will continue to post when time permits Thank you all and again Happy New Year!


P.S. I haven’t been online lately so I surfed the Flickr pages and saw this dress and collar and loved it!!!

Check out the original outfit by Linx and Rio  Pearls and Pistols Blog (fantastic)

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