Epitome of Cute

Epitome of Cute

.tsg. Dakota Mesh Head

Hey gals and maybe guys O.o, I’m sure at least a few of you have seen this amazing mesh head from The Sugar Garden(tsg). Her name is Dakota and comes as a hybrid avatar. Its incredibly adorable.   Comes with hud with 6 available expressions and 6 makeups as seen above. Its actually really easy to use. The head you just wear and taada(if you wear the Dakota shape.) If you wish to use your own a few modifications may be required on your face, chin, neck areas(no worries, designer has made a NC for your convenience on the required specs that need modifying. Other than that is just wear items and go. 4 tones are available for purchase  so don’t be turned off it you are not particularly a pale lover :P. I personally had not had a chance to try any other mesh heads but from I read on flickr they tend to be creepy lol. So I’m glad they have made this cute one :D
*eyes not included(they are your own avatar’s or upperlashes*
On another note, check out Perfect Wardrobe this round. The theme is Carnival and there’s something for everyone! I especially liked this outfit from Sakide,it brings some other elements but I really liked this skimpy version *-*. I paired the outfit with no shoes :O! dunno why and this freaking awesome  tail  that wraps around my avatar /me squeals!

Click below for complete Details <3

Hair: Truth = C88=

Skin+Head+Shape: .tsg. Dakota Mesh Head Hybrid Avatar – Xiaxue Tone =NEW=

Jewelry: League

Outfit: [ SAKIDE ] Prima Outfit  =Perfect Wardrobe=

Tail: {Lemon Tea} Somali Neko Tail =NEW=

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