La Sirena

La Sirena

That Place between Sleep and Awake

Oh my! I thought I would have more time this weekend to post some stuffies from Sea & Sand Expo but had no time to log in D:

So sorry I’m late, Its a shame I couldnt post before it ended but I’m sure these will be available at the respective stores. Have some my little collection of things I picked up while there but today I show the mermaid side.  My first visit to the underwater sim they had was a bit off. My images were mixing up , I had no idea why and luckly I ran into a Mermaid who was absolutely wonderful. I couldnt take my eyes off her tail and the movements it had. She quickly introduced herself and we got to chatting about the Mermaid in me lol. Before helping me find some tails and so on I had mentioned about my underwater issue(pretty much could not see with all the merging) and she knew how to fix it! woot so to make a semi long story short, I did say I would trade my legs in for a tail and give the mermaid  a shot and so here I am . Hope you like as much as me.


Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Marinel” (edited slightly in PS)

Skin w/Top: :[P]:-Fantasy Faire Low Lag Avatar- Mermaid (was free @Fantasy Faire, not sure if is available @mainstore)

Tat: -UtopiaH- Around The Hell Tattoo

Mer Tail: –DS- Ikan Betta – Tigerfish  was@=S&S=

Prop w/Pose: & Bubbles: meadowWorks  ROCKY REEF  (part of) (was@Sea&Sand Expo, not sure if available anymore)

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