I Always Want More, With You.

I Always Want More, With You.

On both

IKON Ardent Eyes – Exposure

*REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -37- Extended

-UtopiaH- Dark Nightmare Tattoo

Color.Me.H.O.F [TriangleEarrings]



:[ Al Vulo! ] – [Virginia] – [Nugat] w/add on Lipstick

{Dead Apples} Antlers Chain Necklace – Carbon/Gunmetal +The Arcade+

.Mes Sucreries. Silicone Longtop – Black +Silicone+

Izzie’s – Hole Bangles


. Liquence . – F3

Essences ~ Amaterasu ~ lait  +Chapter Four+

[whatever] stripe minidress – red +Silicone+

(epoque) Mortier Clutch – Beige

ISON – vipera watch  (onyx)


Purple Poses


  1. There’s no way the one on the right is: Essences ~ Amaterasu ~ lait +Chapter Four+ ; I just played the gatcha forever to get this and it’s way, way darker than what this image depicts.

    1. The skin mentioned in details is in fact the one I am wearing in picture. The reason it may seem lighter on this picture has a lot to do with the wind-lights you choose. The said image is for the most part a raw shot(only things edited are the shadow on side of face by the hair and a bit of glow to legs) I play around with wind-lights them to get the look I like. I have and example here. These are raw shots i just took after reading this.

      Same skin different wind-light.

      Sorry if you thought it was lighter, as far as I know the vendor itself shows the tone clearly.

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