So yea… :$


So today I decided to do a mini review on this gorgeous behind.
CK Winx from Luck Inc has created this mesh booty and from what I see all the fuss in fb and flickr about it was correct
It is amazeballs! I was a bit reluctant about getting it myself same as I was when lolas tango came out, the usual concerns over appliers for skin, clothes, and how it would fit in with my mesh filled inventory(cant really wear mesh). Even with that I tried it out and loved it so yea I got it *-* 
I did have to alter my shape (mostly hip length and belly) in order for it not to have a oval shape. This from what I read is happening to the shorter avatars like myself, but I for one am not stuck on just one shape and don’t mind the editing. Once that was done I used the light skin applier that’s included and the tattoo layer for blending. Naturally I wore a skin that best matched that tone(at least until skin appliers are made for my favs) and it looks great. Well I decided to take couple of raw snapshots and put them together to show here. I used the same wind-light for all images and for some reason when I got closer I noticed that the texture changed when i took snapshot of ass  O.o Tried other wind-lights to see  but same result as soon I zoomed in. Another issue I came across was a itty bitty gap as you can see in pic below and maybe its me but I tried changing up sliders everywhere and could not get it closed. Also from behind seems a bit boxy,up close, on me dunno why but from side its nice and round and juicy :Q_   Even with those minor things I love it and although probably wont be a all the time thing but it definitely was worth it and I cant wait to see what clothing appliers will be made :D


*(skin does not look like that in-world with this wind-light, it does when zoomed in and in snapshots)

And dont take  it from me, if your thinking bout just go grab demo!



-Belleza- Ava Medium 0

alterego I half tee – zombiewhore

** Phat Azz /w thicker legs (panties are included)


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