Cutie Moon

Cutie Moon


Hey everyone :D Just wanting to thank you for your continued support even though I was not posting lately.  Rl was a bit busy since I had my kid out of school for spring break so you know no time for sl. Today is first day for him back in school so I am definitely taking advantage of the time. First I’d like to show off the VinCue dolls for the Cutie Moon Fair(Opens April 1st). These are beyond adorable! *-* complete avatar. I paired some of them up with some wands and a necklace from TSG for the same event. These come with particle effects/animations which is a nice extra. They went nicely with the dolls for sure, so make sure you check them out.


TP to Cutie Moon Fair [April 1st]

From Left to Right

* VinCue ~ Chibi+Moony+Jupiter+Dolly   w/ .tsg. Spiral Heart Rod – Black *Magic*

* VinCue ~ Chibi+Moony+Mercury+Dolly

* VinCue ~ Chibi+Moony+Princess+Dolly    w/.tsg. Eternal Wand *Magic*

* VinCue ~ Chibi+Moony+Chibi+Dolly  w/ .tsg. Spiral Heart Rod – Pink *Magic*

* VinCue ~ Chibi+Moony+Venus+Dolly   w/.tsg. Spiral Heart Rod – Yellow *Magic*

* VinCue ~ Chibi+Moony+Mars+Dolly    w/  .tsg. Cosmic Kokoro Compact *Necklace*

***********Chibi’s are gacha items @100L each play. Princess and Chibi are Rare*********

*********Tsg items are NOT gacha :D and wands include Hud to draw/hide and do the effect of the wands*********

GIF of Eternal Wand Effect

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