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 Eeeh just some skins available @ Skin Fair 2014, still there are tons of skins out there so dont forget to check it out for ya self. ♥

Skin Fair 2014

Skin Fair 2014 #2


has 4 Skins Available↑

All have 12  tones available, they include

brilliant, canelle, doux, ivoire, lait, light rose, lumiere, moka,  noissette,  peche, sombre, vivante

Blond, Brunette, Brown, Cranberry, and Ginger brow options

Azz, Lolas, Loud Mouth, and Slink appliers available.

Skin Fair 2014 #3

Izzie’s to me seems to be definitely geared for a cuter/child avi, heres info

Izzie’s Little Maci Skin

– skin with dark brows – skin with light brows – skin with blonde brows – skin with ginger brows – freckles on tattoo layers (face only + body & face) – moles (on tattoo layer) – eyelash remover alpha – blush tattoos (cheeks, nose, eyes) – lips option 2 (on tattoo layer) – band aid tattoos (nose and knee) – milk moustache tattoos – running nose tattoo – snotty nose tattoo – tears tattoo – smeared lipstick tattoo – pink eyebrows tint tattoo – nail base that hides nails on gloves layer (for prim nails) – 1 mod/copy body shape – 1 mod/copy body shape (sad face version) – 1 mod/copy eyebrow shape – 1 mod/copy eyebrow shape (sad face version)

Red Mint- Ivy

(available without freckles too)

x11 Skin Shades + x5 Make-up options and x5 extra Fantasy Skin Shades, Manicure (Glove Layer to hide the Skin Fingertips + Sculpted Fingernail attachment). Each Skin comes with: HairBase (tattoo Layer), Light and Dark Eyebrow and Eyebrow Shaper (copy/mod). Shape, Ivy is available!

Appliers are available in a add on pack:

Cleavage & Lip Color Enhancement Add-on, Applier for Lolas Tango Implants, Applier for ** Phat Azz (rigged mesh booty), Applier for Slink Avatar Enhancement, Hands & Feet > perfectly suitable with Skin No.14 (Ivy)

The Cleavage & Lip Color Enhancement Add-on Pack comes with several options: – Breast & Cleavage Enhancer (Undershirt and Tattoo Layer), x2 options (Natural & Push-up Cleavage) – Lip Color Enhancer (Tattoo Layer), x5 options – Tattoo Layer Combo (Cleavage + Lips, all in one)

The Applier for Lolas Tango implants Pack comes with several options: – Applier for Skin – Applier for Skin > Natural Cleavage (wear with the Natural Cleavage Undershirt or Tattoo Layer) – Applier for Skin > Push-Up Cleavage (wear with the Push-Up Cleavage Undershirt or Tattoo Layer) – Applier for Nipples

Skin Fair Info


Skin Fair 1

Skin Fair 2

Skin Fair 3

Hair: Truth & Moon@Kustom9

Lashes: Redgrave

Eyes: Ikon