Aries [Boom,Pink Fuel, & Neva River Sim]

I really enjoyed The Zodiac Event this round,  theres a hot craze in flickr I see and its for these horns and mask by Boom and after seeing them on couple of people I went and got them and I must say they are fantastic *-* and guess what!, Toki Doki which is one of my favs is finally back!! Theres a new jacket out in mainstore and I’m wearing it in group gift color. \o/

Lets Join the Craze

Oh and how could I forget, Neva Crystall( one of my fav bloggers and photographers) has opened her sim up to the public. I’ve been waiting long time to visit. Last time she allowed this I wasnt able to go so you can imagine my excitment to see on her blog that it would open. I believe there’s still one more week until it closes again. :C


But yea its everything I imagined and more, with its gorgeous home and decor to its rocky hillsides. It truly is amazing.  It has tons of photgenic points go get out there and see it because my pics really dont do it justice.

Neva River



Pull my Strings Baby

Don’t you feel like sometimes people try to pull the strings that direct your life? Sucks! Always do whats right for you making your own path. But any who as my title is a metaphor for manipulation that is not the case here(or is it) xD. I’m just a dolly though :D

Check Out the Details for my Outfit and Skin by Clicking more :D