Don’t go Screaming if I Blow you with a Bang

Don't go screaming if I blow you with a bang


Ok I know I’ve been a bit away so I’m trying to really hardcatch up so today I went to Collabor88 and all was wonderful in the world as I shopped till i dropped and then on the way out I picked up this hair[on the left] along with a similar one except its not dreads but straight hair. Funny thing is I bought the male version of the other >.> so I’m pretty pissed at myself lol, I mean I’m always careful but in the hurry that I am cuz my kid gets home soon I just saw the pack i wanted and bought it for male lol grr. Ok rant over ;). Anyways also bought this awesome Clawtooth Hair on the right and loved them. This round is really good over @c88 so make sure you stop by. I mean its so good that I picked up Maitreya leggings :O dont remember last time I saw this brand in event so I was naturally happy as hell :D Hope you enjoy these outfits and make sure to stop by Boobies & Azz Shows that have also begun already and have so pretty fantastic items. Ok so enough chitchat and read on for Credits

oh and pardon weird shadow that comes out on feet, same thing actually happened on my last picture but again today I think its my windlight but dunno :/ . If ya”ll know why that happens plz drop me an IM *-* k gotta go Happy Shopping!



Let’s Go All The Way

Let's Go All The Way

Haii Back again lol. Taking advantage of free time.

So last post was a bit of dresses from Boobies show and now its some tops :D

Happy Shopping!