Give you my all

Give you my all

Hai my lovely readers. Hope ya’ll had a great weekend and Vets Day. Yesterday some restaurant chains were offering meals for them(vets) and I mean its the least thing to show them our gratitude for all the service and sacrifice so yea took the hubby to eat out and take advantage lol. To say the least it was packed and almost an hour wait >.< still go to see tons vets and whatnot, kinda made me miss military life O.O, which is strange since I used to hate it and our base and the little town outside it lol. Well anyways on to my lotd. Ugh been wearing this 3 days now(not really cuz haven’t been online but still left her dressed lol) and I now had a moment to blog it yay :D ok so here’s my outfit for the day, I really enjoy it so may continue like this a bit longer :S

See ya soon ♥… hopefully *crosses fingers*